What are the Different Natural Remedies for High Blood Pressure?

There are many natural remedies for high blood pressure with varying levels of effectiveness. Some of them are generally well-tested, while others are more popular for anecdotal reasons. The most common natural remedy for high blood pressure is to live a healthier lifestyle, and this can include dietary changes along with a focus on exercise. In addition to this, some people rely on behavioral changes that promote a calmer mentality, and there are also several herbal supplements that have shown some effectiveness in clinical testing. In most cases, natural remedies are used alongside prescription remedies, and it is generally rare for someone to rely on a strictly natural approach to treatment.

Most doctors recommend several lifestyle changes to people after they have been diagnosed with high blood pressure, and many of these can serve as natural remedies. In some cases, people may lower their intake of fat and sodium as a way to lessen their blood pressure reading. It is also often effective to generally lower body weight, especially if the individual is overweight to begin with. Exercise is often recommended as part of this overall plan, and it can serve to generally improve the individual’s physical condition, which can have positive repercussions for blood pressure levels.


As part of the dietary approach, many people try to increase their intake of certain nutrients, including calcium and potassium. There is also the so-called "Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension" (DASH) diet. This is built around a general increase in fruits and other nutrients, along with a reduction in meat intake.

Several nutritional supplements have been used as natural remedies for high blood pressure, including garlic, folic acid, Hawthorne, and Coq10, which is a compound found in human cells. All of these natural remedies for high blood pressure have been tested and have shown some level of effectiveness, although the degree of effectiveness is generally not sufficient to remove the necessity of medication.

Sometimes changes in blood pressure can be triggered by a person’s emotional state. For this reason, some of the more common natural remedies for high blood pressure are directly related to meditation and similar practices. On one level, these kinds of remedies can start with something as simple as reducing stress on the job. Other people take it a bit further and practice activities like relaxation therapy and biofeedback methods. This is similar to herbal therapies in the sense that it is primarily used as a supplement to other medical treatments prescribed by a doctor.



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