What are the Different MFA Programs?

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There are many different MFA, or master of fine arts, programs available at colleges across the country. A master of fine arts degree can be a way to continue your education or enter into teaching. Choosing from the many MFA programs available can be a challenge.

Many MFA students earn their degrees in art education. This is a flexible degree that allows you to continue to explore your own artistic nature, while at the same time earning the credentials necessary to teach in the classroom setting. While many people with an artistic nature may cringe at the idea of working in the classroom, teaching jobs are always available and often there is a good deal of flexibility in the scheduling.

Studio art is another MFA program that many people find appealing. A studio art degree will not only help you hone your artistic skills, but it will also provide you with experience in preparing work for a show. While demanding, this program can be very rewarding.

MFA programs in performance and media arts are popular choices for those who plan to work on the stage or screen. These MFA programs are valuable not only for the skills that they teach but for the doors that they may open. The guest lecturers and even teachers that you have in a master’s program can provide you with a variety of contacts, if they are impressed with your work.


MFA programs in the book arts will prepare you to work in the publishing field. While this may seem like a more technical than artistic field, book publishing has a long tradition as an art form. Selecting cover art as well as the layout and fonts are a huge part of the publishing process.

If you are more business-minded than artistic, or you want the assurance of finding a job after graduation, there are a variety of MFA programs that may interest you. MFA programs in advertising prepare you to work in a big time or boutique agency. An MFA in art management or art administration will prepare you to work in a museum or school.

Many people with a love of art shy away from the field over concerns about future employment options. Choosing one of the many MFA programs available at colleges around the company allows you to choose a career path that is both fulfilling and lucrative. It is possible to combine a passion for art with a salary that you can comfortably live on.



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