What Are the Different Methods of Business Communication Management?

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Just like the term suggests, business communication management refers to the various methods for the management of the conception of information in a business until the dissemination of the same. Business communication management may also refer to the various methods for the management of the communication regarding the values of a business, including the reflection of the corporate values and ethics of the business in relation to the manner in which such a business wishes to be perceived by consumers and the general population. The term may also relate to the management of information that did not originate from the business in order to manage the effects of such externally generated communication on the business.


An example of the application of business communication management is in the management of information that may have been generated from an external source that may be identified or not. One example would be if a rumor starts to spread about a yogurt company regarding tales of insect pieces that have been found in some of its products. The company may not know the exact source or origin of the malicious rumor, but it is aware of the damaging effect from such a rumor if it is allowed to continue unabated. Even though the business had nothing to do with the initial dissemination of the information, it realizes that it must counter this negative miscommunication with its own targeted communication, which is meant to address the issue head-on. This can be done through the process of public relations management of crisis.

Another example of the use of business communication management is in the area of a deliberate dissemination of information that does originate from the business itself, which is meant to inform or educate the general public, promote an item or service, or serve as a vehicle for the transference of the company's ideals. An example of the deliberate use of business communication management for the propose of promotion can be seen in the use of advertising in the various types of media and platforms to market a product or service that is provided by the company in question. This management aspect of such communication is apparent in the way the promotion effort is usually targeted toward a specific or identified segment of the consumer base. A business may also use the same method to inform the consumers about its stance on various issues, such as the testing of products on animals.



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