What are the Different Menstrual Symptoms?

Menstrual symptoms are a combination of different occurrences that happens to a woman's body while she menstruates. For every woman who menstruates, she may experience symptoms unlike any other woman she knows. In most cases, the symptoms a woman experiences during menstruation are personal. This generally means even if two women experience like symptoms, the degree of the symptoms are usually different. There are several different types of menstrual symptoms and the average woman will experience more than one during her menstrual cycle.

One of the most common menstrual symptoms is menstrual pain. For many women, the pain may occur before the menstrual cycle actually begins. The pain may be a warning that a woman's cycle is about to start. As the cycle begins, the pain usually intensifies and for many woman some degree of pain may remain during the entire course of her menstrual period. Often, pain relievers are needed to alleviate menstrual pain and some woman have to resort to prescription pain medicines for relief.

The most obvious symptom of menstruation is menstrual bleeding. This symptom is the clearest sign that a woman has begun her cycle. The type of bleeding that takes place during a cycle will vary from woman to woman. For some women, menstrual bleeding is very light or excessively heavy, although most women fit in the middle of the spectrum. Paying attention to this obvious symptom of menstruation is important, as abnormal menstrual bleeding can signify an underlying health problem.


Some women experience headaches, nausea and vomiting as menstrual symptoms. As with other symptoms, a headache can be a signal of the beginning of a menstrual period and it may remain for the duration as well. The nausea and vomiting is generally seen as a great discomfort, as well as a hindrance for a woman who experiences it. In addition, fatigue is another commonly seen menstrual symptom.

Mood swings present a variety of frequent symptoms of menstruation. Some women become very irritable during their period. Often, during this time, a woman can experience times of being more emotional than usual. This may mean crying more easily and becoming oversensitive. The hormone changes taking place in the body during a menstrual period may cause a woman to go back and forth amongst these emotions.

There are some additional menstrual symptoms a woman may endure. In many cases, a woman's breasts will become very tender and sensitive. Some women crave certain foods and may get a mild form of acne. Another common symptom is abdominal bloating. Often, menstrual bloating can be so severe that a woman may not be able to wear certain pieces of clothing while her menstrual cycle runs it course.

For many women, menstrual symptoms will only last the first couple of days of a menstrual period. These symptoms commonly decrease as the days of the period progress. There are some things a woman may do to lessen her symptoms. Taking a pain reliever at the first sign of pain can be beneficial. Exercising, reducing caffeine and avoiding salt may also lessen the symptoms of menstruation.



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