What are the Different Medical Writer Jobs?

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Medical writing is the process of creating well-researched documents for scientific or medical organizations. Medical writer jobs can be found in several types of companies. Pharmaceutical companies, clinical research organizations (CROs), medical education companies, and communications agencies hire medical writers to create written material. Doctors may even hire a medical writer to help them write research articles that are published in medical journals.

A medical writer writes different types of documents, depending on the place where he or she works. The medical writer may write about clinical studies, create pharmaceutical sales materials, write educational materials for future doctors and nurses, or compose medical journal articles. A medical writer may write a report about the release of a new prescription drug or web content for a medical organization.

Medical writer jobs require that a person possesses excellent writing skills, organizational skills, and the ability to process complex information. If the document is targeted toward the general public, the medical writer must be able to explain the information in the simplest format possible. A reading audience comprised of physicians requires a document that is written in a more sophisticated style.


Companies that hire for medical writer jobs often seek writers who have a degree in biology, chemistry, physiology, or biochemistry. On the other hand, some companies prefer that their medical writers possess a doctorate degree. Candidates with journalism degrees may also be selected for medical writing jobs. Those who also possess knowledge of anatomy and physiology have a better chance of finding medical writing jobs.

People who wish to increase their chances of entering the field may choose to enroll in a medical writing program. For example, one program is offered by the American Medical Writers Association (AMWA). Local universities may also offer science or medical writing courses for people who wish to gain experience in this type of writing.

Some medical writers who are unable to find medical writer jobs at a company may choose to do freelance work. Medical writers who freelance approach companies who need medical writers to create medical literature. Companies that seek freelancers may wish to hire contract workers so that they are not obligated to pay the freelance workers' benefits.

A freelance medical writer enjoys a wider variety of work since he or she can complete projects for several companies. The drawback to freelancing is the fact that usually experienced medical writers have the best chance of winning freelance assignments. In contrast, fledgling medical writers must often seek full-time work with a company. This will enable them to gain valuable experience and writing samples. The samples can then be shown to organizations that are looking for freelance medical writers.



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