What are the Different Management Analyst Jobs?

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A management analyst is an invaluable tool to companies looking for ways to restructure or reorganize for greater efficiency. Management analyst jobs often exist in either a freelance or specialist capacity in both private and government sectors. It's not unusual, however, to find a company that maintains their own management analyst as a permanent part of their team.

The nature of management analyst jobs make them a highly specialized position. This is why they often work as either a freelance agent or as part of a large analyst firm. By working on demand to help companies straighten out their efficiency problems, analysts are able to work with a large number of clients. This also allows them the opportunity to grow and expand their portfolio of clients, consequently expanding the life span of their business.

A management analyst working as an outside contractor often evaluates the company from the inside, inspecting office operations related to the problem he or she has been asked to solve. After a careful investigation, the analyst usually generates a report on his or her findings. He or she would then work with management to rearrange resources for maximum efficiency and eliminate the problem that required the services in the first place. Unlike the image portrayed in some Hollywood blockbusters, most management analyst jobs do not require the analyst to eliminate large quantities of employees. Instead, they help the company utilize their employees where they can do the most good.


Management analysts are also often called in by various government agencies. They fulfill the same role in their government contracts as they do in the private sector. A management analyst may be called in to help the organization make vital decisions about the allocation of their resources. These resources can include their personnel as well as their financial decisions.

A management analyst working inside a firm on a permanent basis continuously inspects the company's operations. These management analyst jobs are often given the title of Internal Auditor or Risk Management Analyst. Regardless of title, their function is essentially the same. They are responsible for the analysis of the company's operations and the evaluation of the risk and resources required for various contracts, projects and client relations.

Management analyst jobs are available in most business environments in one form or another. Whether they work under the title of management analyst, risk management analyst, or internal auditor, they play a vital role in helping businesses operate and utilize their resources with maximum efficiency.



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