What are the Different Kinds of Wheelchair Equipment?

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Any type of device or attachment that can be removed from a wheelchair, or is separate from the chair but used with it, is considered wheelchair equipment. A variety of wheelchair accessories are available for both manual and power chairs. Some of the most common include wheelchair batteries, ramps, storage compartments, and carriers.

A wheelchair can be made more convenient with the addition of a number of accessories. For instance, a wheelchair ramp allows a user to navigate very short sets of steps, as well to get the chair in and out of a vehicle. Special folding ramps, called suitcase ramps, are ideal for transporting and using while away from home. Two-fold ramps and solid ramps are also available, but they're slightly less convenient to use.

Wheelchair batteries are necessary to use a power chair. An extra battery and charger are good pieces of wheelchair equipment to have on hand, especially while traveling. Airlines, cruise ships, and other types of transportation will often remove the battery from the chair during travel. If the battery gets lost, having an extra one can save the trouble of finding one to purchase while on the trip.


Those who travel by car or van may wish to invest in a wheelchair carrier. A manual chair can be folded up and stored on the back of the vehicle or in a special carrier on top of it. Power chairs, however, require a larger carrier on the back of the vehicle or a pull-behind trailer. A wheelchair lift that raises the power scooter up and into a van, or locks it in place behind the vehicle, can make this kind of transport much easier.

Some inexpensive wheelchair parts can help users get more out of the time spent in the chair. This type of wheelchair equipment is for comfort more than anything. Bags and compartments where things like snacks, drinks, billfolds, maps, and other items can be stored generally make the chair more convenient to use. A wheelchair bag might hang on the front, back, or side of the chair. Under-seat compartments are also available and can help prevent theft, because they're not in a position to be easily grabbed by a passersby.

Another inexpensive piece of wheelchair equipment that can make everyday activities easier is a wheelchair cup holder. Cup holders can be used on both manual and power chairs, and can be purchased in a variety of styles to fit almost any design. Some even come with added conveniences, like vented bottoms, that allow condensation to drip away. Other types of wheelchair equipment to consider are things like sun shades and umbrellas for weather protection while using the chair outside.



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