What are the Different Kinds of Job Training Services?

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Thanks to updates in technology and a higher demand for career support, job training services are readily available to anyone looking to develop more skills to become more marketable as a job candidate. There are a wide range of job training services from free public-agency job training programs, online training, and youth job training, to federal career development, employment agencies and employer sponsored on the job training opportunities. Determining what job training services are needed is often a matter of deciding one's career goal what current skills and aptitudes one can use to advance in a career.

In many communities, free and low-cost job training services are generally offered by social service and workforce development organizations that are funded by the government or non-profit entities. Each agency provides various levels of job training, which can include basic skills testing, resume writing, interview preparation, job placement and shadowing, career coaching, and educational programs. These programs are designed to help inexperienced or disadvantaged job seekers to develop the skills needed to be successful finding employment in the local area.


Another form of job training services are offered by independent employee placement agencies, also referred to as recruiters and temporary employment agencies. These job training services will most often depend on the type of industry hiring in the region and what types of skills are in demand by employers. For example, an area that is saturated with manufacturing industry will require skilled laborers with specific skills used on the job. The employment agencies will often provide basic job skills training and licensing support in order to place more laborers in jobs.

For young people or recent graduates, often a good course of action is to obtain experience through youth job training or federal employment programs. Youth and federal programs are offered by a variety of social, government, and civic organizations and can include job placement, housing, education, and financial allowances that give youth a head start on becoming employed in rewarding careers. Those that participate in youth job training are supported by mentors who make sure that young people get the right training to become successful.

Another type of job training services is online job training. Learning is facilitated by the use of computers that have Internet accessibility. Job training classes are presented in an interactive format and involve tests to determine if candidates are learning the material online. This makes it convenient for multiple candidates to be trained at once wherever they have Internet access.

The most commonly thought of job training services are those provided by employers on site. Job training is promoted by supervisors who need a certain level of experience and skills in the employees so that the work is performed according to higher standards. Trainers may be on staff in the form of human resources, career coaches, and other more advanced employees. Sometimes, on-the-job training is outsourced to a career development and training firm, which performs the training at the employer's site so that employees are trained objectively and efficiently.



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