What are the Different Kinds of Ironing Board Accessories?

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In order to remove wrinkles from clothing, many people perform the chore of ironing. In order to do so, one usually uses an ironing board, as it stabilizes the clothing and keeps the ironing work at hip-level. Although additional ironing board accessories aren’t always necessary, such extras can be helpful. Ironing board accessories might include board pads, wall mounts, iron holders, cord keepers, and accessory baskets.

One of the most popular ironing board accessories is the hanging accessory basket. This basket typically latches on beneath the board and juts out past the board. The basket holds items such as starch cans, iron cleaner, spray bottles, lint brushes, or iron shoes.

Ironing board pads are used between the board and the garment to be ironed. The pads are typically made out of a heat-resistant material. These pads protect the ironing board and garments from heat damage such as burn stains or holes. Some ironing board pads can be washed in the washing machine.

An iron holder is similar to the hanging accessory basket. Also touted as an ironing board caddy, this holder or basket holds the iron. It is also made from a heat-resistant material so that the iron may be immediately placed in it upon completion of the chore.


One of the most useful, but less sought-after, ironing board accessories is the cord keeper. This item is used even with irons that come with retractable cords. The cord keeper, or cord minder, is a simple contraption meant to keep the cord from dragging along the iron while it is being used. It typically clamps onto the ironing board and onto the cord, keeping the cord out of the way.

Some ironing board accessories might be included with the ironing board. Others may have to be purchased separately. If being purchased separately, ironing board accessories can be found in the same aisle as the ironing boards at the local department or grocery store. They can also be purchased online.

Because so many ironing boards are a universal size, these accessories are typically designed to hook or latch onto the board in some way. An over-the-door or travel ironing board likely doesn’t have many corresponding accessories. Ironing boards are typically free standing, wall mounted, or over-the-door.

The electric iron, which is used by most people today, was patented in the late 19th century. Commercial irons and ironing boards differ from personal at-home ironing systems. They are often bigger and heavier. Dry cleaners and commercial launderers may have ironing board accessories the average homemaker might not have.



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