What are the Different Kind of Teething Products?

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Teething can be a painful experience for babies, and a wide range of commercial products are available to help ease the pain during this difficult time. These teething products can include teething rings, pacifiers, cloths, and medications. These different types of products are designed to help treat the wide variety of problems that can accompany the teething process.

Babies often want to suck or gnaw on various objects when they are teething. The pressure of this act helps to relieve some of the pain from teething. When a baby begins sucking on his hand, it is a good indication that he may be soothed by a teething toy.

Teething rings are common teething products that can help ease pain and discomfort in the mouth. These rings should be made of thick durable plastic or rubber. If the material is too thin, it can rip or break. Most teething rings can be placed in the freezer or refrigerator and contain a liquid or gel that will keep the ring cool while the baby sucks on it.

Not all teething products come in the form of rings, however. Some teething toys have other shapes such a fun animal or fruit. The teething product does not need to have a cooling effect to work, either. In some cases, the texture of the toy and pressure of gnawing on it are all that is needed to soothe the pain.


Babies who begin teething at a very young age cannot always manipulate teething toys into their mouths. For younger children, teething products in the shape of pacifiers can be very soothing. The familiar shape makes it easy for the baby to suck on. These types of pacifiers often have a bumpy texture that is soothing to teething babies. They can often be chilled as well.

Drooling is a common side effect associated with teething, so some teething products focus on assisting with this problem. A teething cloth will not only help to absorb some of this excess moisture, it can also serve as a cool and comforting item to chew on. The cloth can be soaked in cold water and briefly refrigerated for the best results. Absorbent sheets or blankets are also useful during this time, as the baby may drool excessively on the bedding during naptime.

For children who experience severe pain while teething, medications are available to ease the discomfort. Medicinal gels are a common option for easing the pain of sore gums. These should be used sparingly, however, as the numbing sensation can affect the throat if swallowed and make eating or drinking difficult. Some parents may also use baby Tylenol® to ease the symptoms of teething. Consult a doctor before using this type of treatment to ensure that it is a safe and prudent choice for the child.



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