What Are the Different Jobs in the Financial Services Industry?

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Among the many different jobs in the financial services industry are financial analysts, brokers and investment bankers. Within each of these careers, several different types of opportunities and duties exist. Other jobs in the financial services industry are loan officers, real estate sales professionals and insurance agents.

Financial analysts assist individuals and companies in making investment decisions. They do so by researching the performance of stocks and other related investments. Individuals working within the financial services industry as an analyst are typically employed by banks, investment funds, investment banking firms, insurance agencies and any number of individual companies which rely on their services.

Stock brokers are a particular type of sales agent working within the financial services industries. These individuals sell stock investments to individual customers and must therefore possess a high degree of skill in sales and interpersonal communication. Most stockbrokers hold an undergraduate degree in business, economics or accounting. All brokers working within the financial services industry must be licensed to sell stocks.

Most financial services jobs are quite lucrative. Among the most profitable, however, is investment banking financial services careers. Investment bankers perform a unique service in connecting businesses in need of start-up or expansion funds with willing investors. After successfully doing so, investment bankers also help create revenue for clients by selling company shares to public investors.


Loan officers typically work for large corporate institutions, such as banks and credit unions. Within the financial services industry, these individuals generally specialize in helping consumers apply for one of several types of loans including mortgage loans, business loans, educational loans or personal loans. Like most jobs in the financial services industry, loan officers must also have sound training in business or finance-related studies, strong interpersonal skills and keen analytical skills.

Real estate sales agents and brokers are also popular jobs within the financial services industry. These individuals are specially trained in assisting clients in purchasing and selling real estate. Most working in real estate related financial services jobs are self-employed and do not need a college education. All agents and brokers must, however, be licensed to assist in sales transactions. Most agents and brokers work on a commission basis, while others work in a corporate setting and may be salaried employees.

The financial services industry also features jobs involving insurance sales and underwriting. Sales agents help individuals select affordable insurance options which best fit their needs. Such options may include life insurance, homeowner’s insurance, automobile insurance and life insurance. Underwriters, on the other hand, do not focus on insurance sales, but help determine whether or not insurance will be provided to a client and, if so, under what terms coverage will be extended.



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