What are the Different Jobs for New Nursing Graduates?

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Jobs for new nursing graduates are usually abundant and varied in many areas, from positions in small medical offices to large hospitals. Depending upon experience and placement, jobs for new nursing graduates can range from home health aides to research assistants. Health clinics are typically a good source of nursing jobs as well.

Most nurses work at hospitals. Many other businesses, however, also employ nurses. Schools and colleges often have openings for nurses, as do health care firms. Workman's compensation programs, travel nursing opportunities, and health call centers are all often available to new nurses with some experience. Public health nursing positions are often available for new nursing graduates.

Laboratories, such as those that collect blood samples or run medication tests, are often in need of nurses. Jobs for new nursing graduates can often be found in critical care or emergency units, where demand can be especially high. Nurses who cannot find employment locally can often find jobs in other areas if they are willing to relocate, as jobs for new nursing graduates are sometimes more abundant in highly populated cities.

New graduate nursing jobs can often be found through contacts through a nursing program itself. Students should strive to maintain a file of contacts, from doctors to administrators, to refer to once their nursing degrees are complete. These can serve as both job leads as well as references.

Hospitals typically prefer keeping a minimum number of experienced nurses on staff. New nurses, however, can often find work, as the career is considered to be in demand. Gaining experience from low-paying nurse jobs, or volunteering at a free clinic can often increase one's chances of being hired as a seasoned nurse in a larger, more lucrative position.

Specialty programs often refrain from hiring new graduates. These programs typically prefer nurses with plenty of experience. New nurses who wish to work in specialized fields may find employment first in surgical or emergency programs. Furthering ones' education through extra nursing courses and continuing education credits can also make him or her more employable.

Experience in medically-related fields is one more pathway to securing jobs for new nursing graduates. Previous work in a hospital or other health center can often gain a new graduate entry into a job. Experience as an emergency medical technician, health service volunteer, or even an assisted living aide can provide a new nurse with an edge over other new nurses without previous experience.



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