What Are the Different IT Trainer Qualifications?

Information technology (IT) trainers are instructors who are responsible for helping individuals to use hardware, computer programs, telecommunication devices, and Internet browsers and interfaces. These trainers might work for organizations where they specialize in teaching employees how to most effectively use information systems, though they might also participate in training customers and community members who need help using unfamiliar IT systems. Some of the most common IT trainer qualifications are educational background in fields such as information systems, computer science, or computer engineering. In many cases, IT trainer qualifications might also include certification or evidence of experience or training in education. Individuals who aspire to become IT trainers in more specialized areas, such as financial intelligence software, medical programs, or engineering and design software might have advanced training specific to their areas of interest.

In most cases, IT trainer qualifications include expertise in related IT systems. A person who is interested in training community members to use basic Internet browsers and features — such as electronic mail and online chat — might need only have basic computer literacy. This kind of person might only have to pass a computer literacy exam. Community job centers, for instance, might hire IT trainers who help people to use common programs and online tools that help them to become more desirable job candidates. In most cases, these types of IT trainer qualifications might also include experience or comfort level presenting to groups of people and working in one-on-one scenarios.

Many IT professionals find work in businesses and other organizations. In these cases, IT trainer qualifications commonly include educational background and experience working with certain kinds of communication and intelligence systems. For instance, a person who would like to become an IT trainer in an insurance company should be familiar with workflow programs through which claims pass. This professional might also have human resource or management training. It is common for this kind of IT trainer to be able to use the technical jargon common among IT professionals, as well as to be able to put complex IT concepts into common language that others can understand.

When it comes to getting work in highly specialized areas, IT professionals can expect to need high levels of education, as well as much experience. Many IT trainer qualifications at this level include graduate degrees and years upon years of experience in specific IT fields. Although they might not explicitly require that job candidates have professional certification, publications, and honors, many employees of high profile organizations do prefer job candidates with these IT trainer qualifications.


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