What are the Different Investment Banker Jobs?

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The best way for a recent college graduate to obtain an investment banking job is to apply to a bank's analyst program. Once an analyst position has been obtained, employees of a bank can select from many different investment banker jobs. Most new analysts and associates can hope to gain a better job position by staying with the same bank for a number of years.

Industry-focused bankers are bankers who focus upon industrial clients. This position is often led by senior bankers who are supported by a director group, vice presidents, analysts, and assistants. Those interested in this type of banking should begin their careers as analysts for industry bankers, which is the best way to gain a position as one of the top bankers.

Corporate finance investment banker jobs are also quite popular. These bankers help companies attain funds needed in order to begin new projects. Through analyzing a company's securities, assets, debts, and convertibles, finance bankers assist companies with gaining capital. These investment banker jobs are often difficult to attain, though they can be gained by working within a bank for a long period of time.

Frequently, the most sought-after investment banker jobs are in the field of trading. Traders must be abreast with the latest markets, financial matters, and all things related to trading. This position is one that is extremely demanding both physically and mentally, which means that candidates for trader positions must be strong all around.


Other investment banker jobs include structured finance banking, advising, international sales, equity and fixed income banking, public finance, retail investments, institutional sales, systems ratings banking, and analysis banking. Clearly, there are many different investment banker jobs to choose from.

If you are considering a career in investment banking, you must be prepared to handle vast amounts of stress. Most investment bankers handle a number of high-stress clients on a regular basis. In addition, investment banking firms are often chaotic places full of other bankers. Investments bankers must be analytical, mathematically minded, and entirely sociable.

Investment banking can be a lucrative industry, though you must have the proper on-the-job training in order to progress within this field. Also, a master's degree in business or finance is often a plus. You can find investment banking jobs online, by applying directly to investment banks, or by searching various Internet job boards. Keep in mind that this field is a competitive one, so it's best to start with a lower position within a bank, and work your way towards the top.



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