What are the Different Immune System Boosters?

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The immune system is responsible for fighting off disease and illness. While there is no magical food or medication that boosts the functionality and success of the entire immune system, an individual can make changes to his or her lifestyle that can increase the immune system's ability to fight invasion. A proper diet, plenty of exercise, and shedding some extra pounds can all act as immune system boosters.

One set of cells or tissues act alone to keep the body healthy and functioning; therefore, the best ways to reinforce the immune system is to enact some lifestyle changes that impact the entire body. When the entire body is strong, it is better equipped to fight disease and infection. Bad habits such as smoking and excessive alcohol can weaken the body's immune system, and eliminating these habits can help restore the body's natural resistance to illness.

A variety of ways to alleviate stress, such as yoga and meditation, can also act as immune system boosters. When the body is functioning under stress, it produces high levels of a chemical called cortisol, which in large amounts over a period of time can weaken the immune system. A high intake of sugar and saturated fats can work against the immune system in the same way, so cutting back on these substances can also help increase the effectiveness of the body's defenses.


Some vitamins can act as immune system boosters when kept in the body at regular amounts. Vitamin C is well known among immune system boosters and necessary for the production of white blood cells. Lesser known but no less important among immune system boosters, vitamin E is required for the creation of cells that produce natural antibodies. Adding citrus foods to the daily diet can provide a regular supply of vitamin C, while vitamin E can be found in foods like nuts, avocados, and cereals. A healthy dose of garlic has also been found to help stimulate the production of infection-fighting cells and also to create antioxidants in the blood.

Regular exercise can serve a dual purpose as one of the immune system boosters. Not only does exercise itself help increase the activity of the immune system, but it can also help the individual lose weight and sleep better, both of which can also reinforce the body's defenses. When the body is carrying extra weight and is relatively inactive, it can lead to the damage of healthy cells. This makes the immune system work overtime and expend energy fixing damage the body inflicts on itself rather than fighting off external invaders.



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