What are the Different Human Resources Generalist Jobs?

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For motivated individuals with experience in human resources (HR), there are many different human resources generalist jobs available. Human resources generalists are responsible for managing all of a company’s human resources concerns, which includes not only hiring processes but employee retention, morale, and development. Since the human resources generalist job description includes these many different types of work, an individual seeking this kind of position will need extensive training. Fortunately, the wide array of work involved means that there are human resources generalist careers with both small businesses and large corporations in many different industries.

Many small businesses will usually have human resources generalist jobs available because they need experienced HR managers who can perform a variety of different tasks. In a small business, a human resources generalist can handle seeking qualified applicants, hiring and training new employees, managing employee pay and benefits, as well as making sure the business owner complies with employment laws. Small businesses can also be great opportunities for individuals seeking to build a career in human resources because they can learn all the ins and outs of the job and grow with the company.

While the majority of human resources generalist jobs are with small businesses, large corporations will also hire generalists to work in their HR departments. If an applicant has all the skills required for a human resources generalist job on his or her resume, a large company can be confident that the applicant will perform duties in any section of their department. Human resources generalists can also find jobs at smaller branches of a large corporation, where they usually manage all the aspects of human resources for employees in that branch as well as communicate with HR managers in the main office.

There are also human resources generalist jobs available with firms that specialize in human resources and recruiting. Companies that independently manage human resources for other businesses, agencies that provide temporary employment, and recruiting companies will all hire human resources generalists. Working in the employment industry can give an HR career seeker valuable experience in many of the different duties within the human resources generalist job description. Industry experience and training are very important for many different human resources generalist jobs, no matter what industry they are in, because an HR generalist has so many different job duties.


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