What are the Different Hotel Manager Jobs?

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Every hotel has specific hiring needs, but a few common hotel manager jobs exist. Many hotels have the need for general managers, front desk managers, housekeeping managers, restaurant and banquet managers and convention and event planning managers. Each position is involved in making the hotel run smoothly, efficiently and in harmony with guest needs.

A hotel general manager might be in charge of the daily operations of his or her hotel. This might include meeting with staff members to discuss the activities of the day, reviewing the day’s finances or handling customer complaints. In addition to these duties, a hotel general manager might also be responsible for hiring new workers. Keeping track of long-term financial goals and reports might also be included in the job.

Another position commonly included in hotel manager jobs in that of front desk manager. Frost desk managers are responsible for all activities associated with the front desk, such as ensuring that all guests are checked in and out quickly and courteously, greeting guests, training new front desk employees and setting employee schedules. He or she reports to the hotel general manager.

One of the more important hotel manager jobs is that of housekeeping manager. Ensuring the quality, cleanliness and comfort of each room is his or her major responsibility. To accomplish this, the housekeeping manager might train staff members, order supplies and hold sessions to discuss proper safety protocol.


Restaurant and banquet managers oversee any on-site restaurants as well as any catering that is handled by the hotel. Knowledge of food handling laws and safety are important aspects of this job. He or she also might be involved in the hiring of new kitchen staff members.

Convention and event planning managers are other types of hotel manager jobs. These positions are unique because they not only involve guest services, they also involve sales. Convention and event planning managers are expected to provide everything that a booked party needs to hold an event as well as marketing to potential clients in an effort to bring in new and repeat business. They work with the restaurant and banquet manager when events involve catering.

All hotel manager jobs involve guest services, so certain skills are highly desirable in the field. Exceptional customer service, proper phone etiquette, computer knowledge and hospitality industry knowledge are all skills that might be helpful to someone applying for hotel manager jobs. Many times, hotels hire from within, so it might be possible for an individual to start off in a lesser position and then work his or her way up to a management position.



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