What are the Different Home Remedies for Gout?

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There are a few different home remedies for gout as well as some lifestyle and diet changes that can help reduce the frequency of gout flare-ups. Some home remedies for gout include the use of various herbal supplements, joint elevation, and regularly drinking apple cider vinegar. People with gout might also benefit from relaxation breathing techniques. Doctors also typically advise patients with gout to avoid alcohol, drink lots of water, and limit consumption of red meat.

Some herbs that are naturally anti-inflammatory may help treat painful gout symptoms. Herbs with anti-inflammatory properties that have long been used for the treatment of gout include devil's claw root, meadowsweet, and white willow bark. Many of these herbs are available in supplement form at the majority of health food stores, but caution should be exercised when they are used because herbs tend to have unpredictable results. A person with gout should ask his doctor before using any herbal home remedies for gout.

People who are suffering from gout flare-ups might also benefit from elevating joints that are affected by gout. In most cases, gout has painful effects on the lower extremities, particularly in the legs, feet, and toe areas. Keeping these areas elevated should prevent the blood from flowing as quickly to them, which should reduce painful gout inflammation.


Apple cider vinegar is another of the popular home remedies for gout. Vinegar made from apple cider may help with gout symptoms because it is anti-inflammatory and could help dissolve deposits of uric acid that accumulate in gout-affected joints. When uric acid is dissolved or broken up, it is generally easier to flush it out of the body. Uric acid accumulation is the primary reason for gout pain, and apple cider vinegar could help a great deal with flushing excess uric acid out of the body. People who want to take apple cider vinegar for gout should try to take at least two or three spoonfuls per day to get the maximum benefit.

One of the things that tends to have a major effect on gout symptoms is pain tolerance. Everyone deals with pain differently, and people who have low tolerances for pain might have more trouble dealing with gout than people who can handle pain well. Relaxation techniques that include deep breathing and meditation might help with pain symptoms in people who have difficulty coping with intense pain.

Avoiding certain things should also help with gout symptoms. Alcohol and red meat both tend to cause gout flare-ups and make existing gout flare-ups much worse. It is probably best if people who suffer from gout either avoid these substances altogether or consume them in moderation only. Replacing most beverages, including alcohol, with water might also be a good idea for the majority of people with gout because water can help flush uric acid out of the system.



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The important thing here would be also to lose wight to some acceptable level. You will have fewer problems with gout when you lose weight. And in my experience, alcohol is the worst thing for gout. Avoid it as much as possible. Reesai joint helps me the most with my problems, and I also consume cherry juice.

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