What are the Different Flight Instructor Jobs?

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Flight instructor jobs are highly sought after within the aviation field. These jobs involve a number of tasks including teaching new pilots different flight techniques. Often, flight instructors earn an admirable wage, work average hours, and are hired by some of the top flight employers in the field.

Flight instructors teach students how to fly. Basic teaching principles include weather instruction, navigation, and the different flying regulations set in place by each country. In addition, instructors teach students how to operate aircraft through both ground and in-air demonstrations.

Before a student can take necessary aviation exams, he or she must be reviewed by a flight instructor. Often, flight instructors will determine whether a student is ready to become a pilot, or whether additional training is needed. On occasion, flight instructor jobs will also include the task of teaching advanced students difficult flight techniques.

Due to the nature of flight instructor jobs, these professionals must have a considerable amount of experience. Thus, new pilots rarely acquire instructional positions. In fact, most employers will not consider candidates who do not have at least five years of flight experience.


There are numerous ways for a prospective pilot to gain accreditation and expertise. Within the United States, all pilots must attend an accredited flight school. Following the successful completion of a flight program, pilots must then work as professionals for a number of years. Employers that hire recent flight school graduates include commercial airlines, government outfits, and some private companies. Depending upon the type of employment gained, pilots may need additional training outside of school training.

Advancement within the flight instructor field is vast. Flight instructor jobs are plentiful, since so many instructors tend to move on to higher paid positions within a couple of years. Those that have demonstrated keen flight abilities will often find that they are asked to take on larger roles and responsibilities. Most instructors begin their careers on the lower end of the pay scale, though this often changes as experience is gathered.

While flight instructor jobs are mostly centered around teaching, instructors must also be able to adequately communicate with students. Therefore, pilots with patience, understanding, rationality, and keen analytical abilities will often excel within this field. Those that do not possess any of these qualities may not enjoy a position as a flight teacher. Job openings within this profession can be found online, through special flight placement agencies, and by applying directly to an employer.



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