What are the Different Exercises for Multiple Sclerosis?

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Exercises for multiple sclerosis can help ease the symptoms of the disease, as long as they are performed properly and in a controlled manner. Some of the best exercises for multiple sclerosis include Tai Chi, yoga and water aerobics. Any exercises for multiple sclerosis should not cause pain, and care should be taken to avoid overheating, as this can lead to an increase in symptoms for many people.

Yoga is one of the most effective exercises for multiple sclerosis, as it can help improve fitness and flexibility as well as lift the spirits. A problem, with yoga for multiple sclerosis, however, is that it can increase the body’s temperature to an uncomfortable level. To avoid this, the person should try to drink a lot of water and stop the exercises if the symptoms become too painful. Yoga ranges from simple to strenuous, depending on the type and level involved, so it’s important to find out the level of fitness required for a particular class.

Swimming can also be an effective exercise for multiple sclerosis, as the water will help keep the person cool during exercise. It is also an exercise that works on many different areas of the body at once. The only problem with swimming is that the areas around the pool can be slippery, so care should be taken when getting in and out of the pool.


Water aerobics, in a similar way to swimming, is useful for staying strong and supple while keeping cool. A person with multiple sclerosis often may find water aerobics more comfortable than regular exercise, as most of the weight is taken off the joints. As the cool water can prevent symptoms of overheating, it can be tempting to perform too much exercise too soon; it’s important to slowly build up an exercise routine.

Tai Chi is one of the best exercises for multiple sclerosis. Usually, a Tai Chi class involves a series of slow movements, which help to increase muscle strength. The exercises also help to improve a person’s balance, which is essential for someone with the disease. People who regularly perform Tai Chi have also been shown to be generally healthier and less likely to suffer from cardiovascular problems.

Exercises for multiple sclerosis are important, so it’s essential for a person to find a type that he or she enjoys. Water aerobics, Tai Chi and Yoga are all performed in classes, which provide social interaction as well as exercise. Local multiple sclerosis support groups often can recommend a particular class that’s suitable for people with the condition as well.



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