What are the Different Exercise Physiologist Jobs?

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A physiologist is a specialist in physiology, the study of the functions of living things. An exercise physiologist is an allied health professional specializing in the physiology of exercise. Exercise physiologist jobs can be as unique and creative as an individual’s personality.

The job of an exercise physiologist is to implement exercises and monitor the cardiovascular and metabolic effects of the routine necessary for physical rehabilitation. These physiologists evaluate physical abilities and employ exercises to enhance and maintain overall health and conditioning. They also collaborate with other healthcare professionals to identify risks and provide a comprehensive rehabilitation program. Therefore exercise physiologist jobs can be found wherever there is a focus on health, overall wellness, and fitness.

Exercise physiologist jobs can be found in working alongside personal fitness trainers and exercise science professionals. Hospitals and clinical settings are other venues where exercise physiologist jobs can be acquired. Health clubs, recreation centers and educational institutions also provide places where exercise physiologist jobs can be found.

Some exercise physiologists choose to specialize and will work with clients with special needs. Some areas of specialization are chronic illness or disease processes including cardiac or heart rehab, and pulmonary or lung rehab. Another growing field where an exercise physiologist can be utilized is psychosocial problems. Many exercise physiologist professionals even opt to work with amateur or professional athletes to cultivate optimal performance and fitness.


Exercise physiologist jobs are often not readily available and easily recognizable. In some instances, extensive research is needed to obtain the position most suited to the individual. In other cases, exercise physiologist jobs can be created through research and presentation of the value of employing such a healthcare professional in a specific setting. For example, a company instituting a new wellness program may be interested in hiring an exercise physiologist to assure fitness goals include specific exercises that may increase productivity in addition to overall health.

However difficult positions are to find, the fact remains that the demand for qualified exercise physiologists continues to grow. For example, a new and upcoming career choice for exercise physiologists is equine exercise physiology where the emphasis is on rehabilitation and training of horses. A degree in exercise physiology can lead to many unique career choices and options.



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