What are the Different Engineering Manager Jobs?

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There are four different engineering manager jobs: consultancy, working for an engineering services firm, teaching, and working in industry. An engineering manager is typically responsible for a group of engineers or engineering technologists. All engineering managers must be fully licensed, professional engineers. Training in management techniques does not provide the level of expertise required to function in this type of job.

In order to become an engineer, you will need to complete a university degree in engineering. There are a wide range of engineering specialties available, ranging from electronics to civil engineering. After completing an undergraduate degree, candidates must pass an examination managed by the Professional Engineers Association of America®. This association is responsible for the professional engineering (P.Eng) designation.

A growing number of engineering managers open their own practice. Working as independent consultants, they provide their expertise to manufacturing firms, government agencies, and other companies. Some industries do not require a full-time engineering manager on staff, but require this skill set for specific, limited time periods. This flexibility also allows the firm to hire engineering managers with different areas of expertise, as required.

There are a broad range of engineering manager jobs available in an engineering services company. These companies specialize in different engineering areas and are able to call upon a wide range of specialties as needed. This type of firm provides a valuable service for multidiscipline projects.


Engineering managers can become instructors at local community or career colleges, teaching courses to engineering technicians or technologists. In order to become an instructor, many engineers complete a certificate program in adult education. Learning the most effective way to teach adults can be a huge help when making this career transition.

Most people become engineering managers by moving up through their company. This can occur in all sectors of the engineering industry, ranging from manufacturing to civil engineering. The working experience gained is critical to the success of a career as an engineering manager. Other engineers and technologists must be able to rely on the advice and instructions from the manager at all times.

People who report the greatest satisfaction in engineering manager jobs enjoy problem solving and working independently. Attention to detail, professionalism, dedication, and self-discipline are very important in this career. Career advancement opportunities are widely available, but reputation is very important in engineering. Take the time to consistently deliver quality work so that you can be eligible for engineering manager jobs.



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