What are the Different Development Coordinator Jobs?

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Development coordinator careers can often be found in a number of different employment areas. Examples include nursing, special events, training, business and product design. While the responsibilities and environments for each job may vary considerably, a particular skill set may be required for most development coordinator jobs. Those skills desired by employers may include project leadership, strong communication in both written and oral presentations and the ability to build relationships.

Senior management and staff members often work with development coordinators to achieve specific goals. For non-profit organizations, goals may include increasing visibility to lenders and designing new fundraising events. In mainstream businesses, goals may be to improve marketing efforts, conduct project-specific research or participate in community events. Throughout many employment sectors, development coordinators are likely to perform administrative tasks and work on special projects.

Staff development coordinator jobs are sometimes available in the field of nursing. These positions may oversee practicing nurses in a hospital or adult care facility. Tasks may include conducting orientations for new employees, designing and enrolling staff in continuing education classes and scheduling employees for work shifts in appropriate units. Staff development coordinators may also monitor employees for performance and conduct periodic job reviews.

Some organizations such as non-profits have teams that work strategically on special events. Development coordinator jobs therefore are needed to manage volunteers and assist with the planning and execution of events. Job duties may include monitoring resources and expenditures, coordinating event venues and participating in public activities.

Large corporations often have human resources departments designed to support employees and facilitate business needs. Development coordinator jobs are sometimes used in such instances to train and organize the workforce. For example, the coordinator may evaluate and design employee learning programs, develop course materials as needed and manage career goals of employees. This role often complements the human resources department but focuses on education rather than employee benefits or grievances.

Business development coordinator jobs can encompass a variety of tasks, with some positions focusing on marketing, new business or international relations. One critical function of each role is to build and maintain client relationships. This not only helps the business grow, but also increases sales and product awareness. People in business development may support the company’s marketing efforts, monitor local competition and establish a presence in the community.

Within the field of business, product development coordinators also may play a vital role in meeting a company’s sales goals. These individuals may monitor the life of a product, strategize marketing efforts and communicate directly with vendors. Such development coordinator jobs may also manage tradeshow participation, vendor training and periodic merchandising campaigns. These positions are likely to collaborate with both technical and marketing staff members, so they often require strong leadership and communication skills.


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