What are the Different Dance Instructor Jobs?

There are a variety of dance instructor jobs available to qualified people. While the job description may vary from position to position, the foundation of each job is quite similar. Dance instructors can find work as choreographers, as school teachers, or as instructors at dance studios.

More dance instructor jobs are available for people willing to move a bit outside of the typical dance world. Careers or part-time jobs exist in coaching or teaching other activities that involve the art of human movement. Many cheerleading, ice skating, synchronized swimming teams, and gymnastics teams, for example, will employ people looking for dance instructor jobs.

Perhaps the most obvious of all dance instructor job choices is the choreographer. A choreographer may design a dance and teach it, with or without the help of a choreographer’s assistant. These dance instructor jobs are popular in the theater and movie industries, and less popular in television. Of course, becoming a choreographer in Hollywood takes skill and time. Many applicants have worked their way up the ranks, having advanced from back-up dancer to lead dancer, and finally to choreographer.


If a choreographer isn’t teaching dance under the bright lights of Broadway or Hollywood, he may teach dance at a local school or private studio. Dance studios exist to teach people of all ages the art of movement. A patient instructor will allow students to move freely at first, allowing them to experience and make mistakes with each dance step before committing to its exactness.

Though many dance studios are competitive and geared toward children, other dance studios exist just for fun. Kids and adults can learn to dance in the forms of tap, ballet, modern, jazz or pointe. Since many people prefer to teach just one or two styles or classes, dance instructor jobs may be available at studios that already have faculty members. Additionally, many universities and community colleges hire instructors for both credit and non-credit classes.

Many more adult dance studios exist in the 21st century, particularly those geared toward Latin dancing. Young and elderly adults who wish to learn to salsa, tango, rhumba, cha cha, or perform a variety of other dances can attend either group or private classes. Many night clubs and Latin restaurants offer free or minimally priced Latin dance lessons, as well. Those looking for freelance dance instructor jobs might consider inquiring at such an establishment.

A dance instructor must know how to dance. He must also know how to teach dance, which is another skill set entirely. Furthermore, many dance instructor jobs require teachers to choreograph new routines rather than just recycle someone else’s.

When applying for dance instructor jobs, potential dance teachers must understand that having rhythm is not the only requirement. While rhythm is important in the overall scheme of things, it is the ability to teach that rhythm that is most handy. Choosing a career in dance instruction or dance composition



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