What are the Different Celebrity Personal Assistant Jobs?

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Celebrity personal assistant jobs can include several kinds of positions that help celebrities better manage their busy schedules. There are assistants who help with errands, like getting coffee or picking up dry cleaning, as well as more skilled assistants who may take care of clerical tasks. The role of the celebrity personal assistant will vary based on what each client needs to have done.

When most people think of celebrity personal assistant jobs, they think of someone who runs around picking up the client's lunch and taking her dog for a walk. This is certainly one form of a celebrity personal assistant. Since most celebrities do not have time to tend to things the general population takes for granted, they often hire an assistant to help them get more done in less time. That means having an assistant to take care of important tasks as well as menial ones.

Another type of celebrity personal assistant job is that of nanny or au pair. This is someone who either lives with the client or comes to the home everyday to help take care of the celebrity's children. The involvement of this person in comparison with the parents varies based on the client, and may range from full-time caregiver to backup assistant in case things get too hectic for the client to manage without help.


Cooks and personal chefs are also types of celebrity personal assistant jobs. Generally, these people go to the celebrity's home and cook meals throughout the day as well as preparing snacks and beverages. Sometimes a personal chef plans special diets for clients who need to lose weight, gain weight, tone up, or otherwise alter their bodies.

Cleaning personnel are also assistants to celebrities and may do a variety of tasks around the home. These can include cleaning, maintenance, and tending to the client's needs as they are asked. Cleaning ladies and butlers may or may not reside in the celebrity's home, but they often live with clients full time.

More skilled assistants may take care of clerical tasks such as bookkeeping and accounting, typing letters and memos, and returning phone calls. These assistants may also double as a general personal assistant, meaning they may be picking up lunch one minute and returning a business call the next. Good assistants may learn what the client likes and get things for her before being asked to save time and gain more recognition.

Finding celebrity personal assistant jobs is not easy. Celebrities can generally hire top professionals in their fields, so unless one is at the top of his game, he may not get the chance to work for a celebrity client. For those who do earn this honor, there are many perks to working for the rich and famous. Celebrity assistants generally earn much more than assistants for other professionals, and often receive allowances for clothing, accessories, travel, and entertainment.



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