What are the Different Bar Manager Jobs?

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Bar manager jobs may be found in a variety of atmospheres. A bar manager may be needed in a corporate or privately owned restaurant, hotel, or resort. Local neighborhood dive bars, large dance clubs, and casinos also hire personnel to fill bar manager jobs. The position requires a combination of pizazz, fast-paced efficiency, and an overall knowledge of liquor. Being a "people person" is also a must.

A bar manager at a restaurant or hotel may also oversee both the front of the house (FOH) and back of the house (BOH) at times. In a busy restaurant, the FOH, where the diners eat, often has its own manager. The BOH employs a kitchen manager. To fulfill the expectations of bar manager jobs in a corporate setting, however, most candidates are trained in all aspects of management.

Many neighborhood bars don’t have a full kitchen or dining room. These bars often serve a variety of fried food and sandwiches that may be made by the bartender or cook. The bar manager must also be prepared to cook and serve such dishes. A dance club may have the same sort of menu, if it has any menu at all.


In local bars and dance clubs, the bar is typically the main focus. A person applying for bar manager jobs should have an extensive knowledge of alcoholic beverages. What goes into various mixed drinks, how much the liquor costs, and how much it sells for are significant pieces of data to know.

At swanky lounges, knowing the proper way to mix martinis is an important skill. Likewise, a wine bar manager should know about various wine regions and grapes. A pub or brewery bar manager should know about the overall beer brewing process.

These establishments often house one or several large bars. The bar manager must be able to keep inventory of numerous beers, liquors, and wines. Additionally, bar manager jobs involve hiring, training, and keeping staff up to date on all liquor- and health-related regulations.

Most bar manager jobs don’t require an advanced degree. Skill level and experience is valued over education. Most bar owners and managers agree that a paper education can’t teach people the skills they learn from dealing with people in the real world.

Many bar manager jobs are filled by internal applicants. A restaurant or bar worker generally works his way up the ladder. A current bar manager may have started out as a busboy who was promoted to bar-back, server, bartender, and eventually assistant bar manager before receiving a management title.

Bar manager jobs typically aren't the end of the road for most people. Many people who gain experience in this field go on to open their own bars. It is also noteworthy to mention that the average bar manager typically doesn't make a high salary. He also typically doesn't get good health benefits. Many bar managers go back to bartending, as the cash tips often equal a higher overall salary.



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