What are the Different Audio Engineering Jobs?

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The world of audio engineering jobs is a vast one. Primarily, such jobs are found in the entertainment field, whether it be movies, television, recorded music or live concerts. An audio engineer is the person responsible for ensuring that all the myriad sounds present in a complex environment are harmonious with one another. Audio engineers focus on correcting and enhancing the pitch, tone and overall sound of the project they are working on.

Audio engineering jobs may focus on the recording and remastering of sounds, or they may focus on the live mixing of noises. That is the difference between an audio engineering job in a music studio and an audio engineering job at a live concert or performance. There is some dispute about the role and definition of audio engineering jobs, with some people stating that live musical manipulation is strictly the realm of sound engineers or technicians. These terms are, however, used interchangeably most of the time.

The training required for audio engineering jobs differs depending upon the job desired. Audio engineering degrees are available from a number of colleges and universities, and sometimes a degree is not necessary. Having a degree, though, can not hurt an applicant’s chances of finding a good job.


Jobs in audio engineering are usually easy to come by if the job seeker knows the right place to look. If a job seeker is looking to work in the realm of music, speaking with a local studio owner or the owner of a musical instrument shop may be one way to find a gig. Film jobs are often geographically based, with very few outside of the boundaries of major cities. Community theaters, colleges and even public access television stations almost always have a need for people to fill audio engineering jobs. Networking is a key skill for a person in this field, as it is for almost everyone in the entertainment business.

As technology expands, the need for people to operate increasingly more sensitive and specialized equipment grows. This need makes audio engineering an ever-growing field. The demand for audio engineers is not likely to cease, and audio engineering jobs are almost always abundant, even in times of recession.



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