What are the Different Accounting Careers?

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Accounting careers are excellent for those with good analytical skills who are good with numbers and math. Accountant careers are available for auditors, budget analysts, financial accountants, management accountants, tax accountants, and public accountants.

Those with accounting careers in audit will spend much of the day checking account ledgers and financial statements within corporations or government, doing much of the work by computer. Internal auditors verify the accuracy of the company’s records and look for mismanagement, waste, or fraud. They will examine the firms’ financial systems, management, and internal controls, ensuring records are accurate and proper controls are used to prevent fraud and waste.

Budget analysts enjoy accounting careers that let them manage an organization’s financial plans. The job is similar to that of a financial planner, but the budget analyst works on a much larger scale. Budget analysts face one of the most rewarding and challenging careers in accounting because they make important decisions and must negotiate with others in arranging a business’s financial plans.

Another important accountant career is that of financial accountant. These individuals analyze financial ledgers and prepare statements based on the information. They take part in important financial decisions, governing mergers and acquisitions, benefits planning and long-term financial projections. They have accounting finance careers in which they must be able to apply accounting principles in the financial operations of a business.


A career in accounting can also include the title of management accountant. These accountants work within companies, performing functions like cost analysis, new contract analysis and participation in cost control efforts. Management accountant will look at the overall structure of an organization, seeking to manage resources at the right level of the organization to maximize return on investment.

The accounting career with the broadest application is that of tax accountant. These individuals prepare income tax statements for corporations and individuals. This is one of the most sought after accounting careers because everyone pays taxes and therefore needs a tax accountant. Tax accountants must continually study tax laws to stay up on changes that may benefit their clients. They are expected to counsel clients on the best tax strategies as well.

Accounting careers for public accountants offer the most variety. Public accountants may perform a broad range of accounting services in taxes, auditing or consulting. As consultants, public accountants advise companies on the tax implications of certain business practices. They may also offer advice on compensation structure or employee health care benefits.



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