What are the Common Treatments for Swine Flu in Children?

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Most doctors treat swine flu in children with antiviral drugs. Many antiviral drugs are available under popular brand names, and a person's doctor can recommend which type to use for a child displaying flu-like symptoms. Pain-relieving and fever-reducing medications might also be prescribed or recommended for children with swine flu. In addition to medicine, doctors usually advise parents to make sure their children get plenty of rest in addition to drinking lots of fluid for the duration of the sickness. Antibiotics are not usually prescribed for swine flu in children because swine flu is viral, and antibiotics are effective only against bacterial infections.

Antiviral flu medicine is usually most effective when it is given within the first 48 hours after a child starts displaying flu-like symptoms. Children who are given antiviral flu medicine within the first few days of developing swine flu might get better faster than they would if they were not given the medicine. Despite the fact that the medicine is usually most effective when given during the first 48 hours that swine flu symptoms become apparent, the medicine may still be helpful at any point during the sickness. Doctors may not recommend antiviral drugs for babies less than three months old unless they have a serious health problem that could be worsened by the flu.


Pain relieving medicines containing ibuprofen and acetaminophen could be incredibly helpful for swine flu in children. Most kids with swine flu run a very high fever and may also complain of body aches and pain. Ibuprofen and acetaminophen-based medicines for children may be very helpful for treating fever and body aches, but parents should be sure to only give their children these medicines in the dosages listed on the label unless their doctors tell them otherwise. Parents should never give their children any medicines containing aspirin because it is not considered safe for children.

Lots of rest and fluid tend to be useful for recovering from most ailments, including swine flu. Children who are sick with swine flu may get better faster if they spend the majority of their time in bed and are kept hydrated. There is some evidence to suggest that drinking lots of water may help to wash viruses out of the body. Even though many parents might believe their children need them, antibiotics are not typically considered useful for treating swine flu in children. A child who has swine flu might develop a bacterial infection while he is sick, and in the event that this occurs antibiotics might be helpful.



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