What Are the Common Causes of Dark Circles in Men?

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While fatigue, serious illness, and age are often blamed for dark circles under the eyes, there are many other things that can cause dark circles in men. Medical and health conditions like allergies, eczema, and even nasal congestion can all cause dark circles in men. So can being exposed to the sun without the proper skin protection. Some of the causes of dark circles in men are things that can be remedied, like stress, lack of sleep, smoking, excessive drinking, and rubbing the eyes. One cause of under-eye circles that can be more challenging to deal with is heredity, as dark under-eye circles often run in families, and sometimes take more drastic action to reduce or eliminate.

Dark circles in men can either be the result of the skin under the eye being darkened by something like sun exposure, or the blood vessels in the skin under the eyes becoming engorged to the point of being visible and making the skin look darker than it is. Under-eye circles can make a person look tired even when he’s had a good night’s sleep, and sick even if he’s in perfect health. They can also make him look like he isn’t alert or focused, which can be a disadvantage in a working environment, where one might be judged by how energetic and engaged he seems to be. While dark circles under the eyes usually don’t appear until adulthood, children and teenagers can also suffer from this condition.


There are many ways to prevent dark circles in men, including getting plenty of sleep. Sleeping with an extra pillow so that the head is elevated will help prevent fluid from accumulating under the lower eyelid and engorging the blood vessels in that area. Since sun exposure can darken the skin, it’s important to wear a moisturizer or eye cream that contains sun block. Wearing sunglasses will also help protect the skin under and around the eyes from sun exposure. Finally, drinking plenty of water could help remedy or prevent underlying conditions that can contribute to dark circles in men.

A person who already has dark circles under the eyes can try several things to eliminate, reduce or conceal them. Placing something cold on the skin under under the eyes, like chilled tea bags, cucumber slices, or spoons, for about 10 or 15 minutes could help. For someone who has tried to get rid of dark circles with little success, hiding them with a concealer the same shade as his skin might be the best option. There are also medical treatments that can eliminate or reduce dark circles in men, including laser therapy, chemical peels, prescription creams, and surgery.



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