What Are the Common Causes of Body Odor in Men?

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Body odor in men can be an annoying and unpleasant problem and is usually caused by a variety of conditions and factors. Things such as diet, hygiene, and perspiration can all contribute to body odor in both males and females. Sweat is one of the main causes of excessive body odor, but showering regularly and keeping up with hygiene can reduce body odor. Those who have overactive sweat glands may find that they have more body odor than others, and because of this, they must shower more frequently to combat it.

Everyone has sweat glands, and some of these glands produce an oily substance with the sweat that smells unpleasant as it decomposes. The sweat itself is odorless, but the bacteria that reaches it produces an odor as decomposition sets in. Men tend to have larger sweat glands, which can contribute to the amount of body odor produced. Regular bathing and cleanliness can prevent bacteria from building up and producing unpleasant smells on the body and clothing.


While everyone sweats, some people tend to sweat more than others. Those who suffer from overactive sweat glands may also suffer from excessive body odor. It is always best to bathe the body and wash clothes regularly, and to wear deodorant and appropriate clothing. Body odor in men can be lessened by choosing clothing made of natural fibers, such as cotton, that provide better air circulation around the body compared to synthetic fibers. Paying special attention to areas such as the armpits, genitals, and chest while washing is also a wise idea when trying to combat body odor.

Poor hygiene can also be a cause of body odor in men. Sweat must be washed away with both soap and water to prevent bacteria from producing foul odors. Clothing should also be washed and kept clean to prevent odors, as sweat can collect in places such as the armpits and genital areas of the clothing. Those who sweat more may need to clean themselves more to prevent body odor. The regular use of deodorants, soaps, and colognes can also help prevent body odor in men.

Men who eat highly odorous foods such as onions, garlic, and meat can also suffer from excessive body odor. Smoking and drinking large amounts of alcohol may also be a cause of body odor in men, as well. Other factors such as obesity, liver or kidney disease, diabetes, and fungal infections can also cause foul odors in both men and women. Stress and anxiety can lead to more perspiration, as well as more odor.



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