What are the Causes of Mold?

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The primary causes of mold are related to the accumulation of moisture. When people allow some area of their homes to get wet and stay that way for any length of time, those places have a great potential to develop a mold problem. Long-term moisture problems like damaged plumbing or leaky roofs are some of the more common causes of mold. One of the other contributing causes of mold is a lack of ventilation, which helps create a perfect environment for mold to thrive.

Getting rid of mold is a multi-step process. Generally speaking, the first step is to clean the mold with some kind of detergent. This needs to be done very thoroughly, because any mold that remains can potentially spread. After that, the individual has to deal with any causes of mold that are still present. For example, if the mold is caused by a leaky pipe, there would generally be no purpose in removing the mold if the person doesn’t also fix the pipe.

Many people have allergies to various mold species, and some people are more allergic to one kind than another. When people have a mold allergy, they will often have trouble breathing, and they may have a lot of mucus drainage. Someone with a mold allergy might develop chronic health problems if he lives in a mold-infested house, and he might not know what the source of his problem is.


If a house is well-ventilated, it is generally much more difficult for mold to develop. This is because ventilation encourages drying, and mold can’t develop unless there is plenty of moisture. For this reason, mold is more common in areas where there isn’t much airflow, including places like cabinets and basements. Extreme temperatures can also kill mold, but this isn’t often useful in dealing with a mold problem because people may become uncomfortable if they allow their homes to get too cold or hot.

One of the more severe causes of mold is flooding. Anytime there is a severe water disaster, many homes will be inundated with water, and mold may start growing everywhere. Getting rid of these kinds of extreme mold infestations is often a much more difficult job. Sometimes people even have to call in experts to deal with the mold removal. These people sometimes use special chemicals to help remove the mold, and they have access to specialized cleaning equipment.



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