What are the Best Weight Loss Snacks?

Selecting a healthy snack is not as complicated as some diet gurus would have people believe. The best weight loss snacks are generally between 100-200 calories, are relatively unprocessed, and keep one from becoming hungry too quickly. They should also be simple and easy to make and take on the go. Some of the best weight loss snacks include popcorn, yogurt, fruit, vegetables, or a quick quesadilla.

Homemade air-popped popcorn is almost always one of the best weight loss snacks. One cup of air-popped popcorn without butter contains 30 calories and is very filling. It is also low in fat. Consumers should read the label of microwaved or bagged popcorn and beware of the high-fat brands.

Dessert lovers might enjoy frozen mangos, bananas, or grapes eaten by themselves or mixed with frozen or refrigerated yogurt. Along the same lines, a low-fat, homemade fruit smoothie, with some protein powder added in, could also tame the ice cream demon lurking inside. Compared to ice cream, a homemade frozen fruit smoothie is much lower in fat and calories.


Fruits and vegetables make good weight loss snacks. Packed full of vitamins, minerals, and fiber, the average piece of fruit is 60-80 calories. Fruit comes conveniently packaged by Mother Nature and is very easy to take on the go. Peanut butter can be spread on celery or a banana may be eaten plain or with just a bit of chocolate syrup. The key to healthy weight loss is to learn to eat the most-loved foods in moderation. For example, a teaspoon of chocolate syrup will not destroy weight loss efforts; it might even make it easier since people will not feel like they are missing out.

For a spicy, Mexican flare, two tablespoons of shredded Jack cheese can be melted in a 6-inch soft corn tortilla. Top off the quesadilla with lettuce, tomato, salsa, and maybe even a dab of plain yogurt. Nobody is likely to feel deprived after eating this 200-calorie snack.

These are just a tiny sampling of some of the whole-food weight loss snacks that may be found online. With so many options, there is no reason to worry about buying processed 100-calorie cookie and cracker packs on a regular basis. Those who want to lose weight, and be satisfied while they are doing it, have a smorgasboard of healthy, low-fat, high energy, and filling weight loss snacks from which to choose.



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