What are the Best Ways to Manage Anxiety?

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Anxiety is a common problem that can take many forms, all the way from occasional worrying up to panic attacks that affect one's life. There are various ways to manage anxiety, each of which may work differently for different people. One of the best ways to manage anxiety is to try to identify the root of the cause; naming the problem can be the first step to helping it go away.

If anxiety becomes too debilitating to manage independently, or it begins to affect one's quality of life, it is important to visit a therapist or psychiatrist who may be able to help. Counseling and talk therapy can be excellent methods for managing anxiety, and a psychiatrist may be able to prescribe medication if necessary. These professionals will also be able to teach methods to manage and combat fears in everyday life.


If anxiety is an occasional problem caused by stress or worry, however, it may be possible to manage anxiety on one's own. For people who are stressed about time management or completing all projects at work on time, creating a daily schedule and getting organized can be a great way to reduce daily anxiety. For instance, some people are very stressed getting ready for work in the morning while getting their families out the door; it might be helpful to select clothes, make lunches, and set out car keys or important papers the night before in order to reduce anxiety in the morning.

Taking breaks for relaxation is another good way to manage anxiety. Be sure to get up and walk away from the desk during the day, or take a walk at lunch time; avoiding caffeine might also be a good idea for those prone to anxiety. If it is not possible to get up, try to do some stretching and deep breathing throughout the day whenever anxiety starts. If a certain situation frequently triggers anxiety or worry, try to understand why, and then come up with proactive solutions to prevent or manage the anxiety. Sometimes it is simply necessary to try something in order to get over a fear of it.

At the end of the day, taking a hot bath can be a great way to reduce stress and manage anxiety. Have a conversation with a spouse or friend, or play with a pet. Some people find that repeating a positive mantra silently to themselves can help them get through stressful situations, and can stop an anxiety attack in its tracks. It is important to find what works and keep doing it in order to combat anxiety.



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@ocelot60- I do some simply stretching exercises along with deep breaths when I feel anxious. Stretching seems to help my muscles relax, which helps me feel calmer mentally and physically.

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This article makes a good point about taking small breaks each day to help you deal with anxiety. The breaks really do make a difference, even if you aren't able to leave the situation that is causing you to have anxious feelings.

Sometimes when I'm overwhelmed at work, I sit back at my desk for a few minutes, close my eyes, and take long, deep breaths. I exhale to the count of 10, and try to relax my muscles while do these breathing exercises. Take these little breaks helps me re-focus and relax enough to calm down and get on with my day.

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