What are the Best Tips for Yard Landscaping?

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Yard landscaping includes everything from mowing the lawn to installing retaining walls and flower beds. When considering performing landscaping, remember to plan the yard to maximize space, minimize excess water use, and enhance the natural beauty of the space. Remember that yard landscaping does not always mean doing more; sometimes it means leaving things alone, allowing for empty space, and cleaning up what is simply too cluttered. Prepare for all seasons as well, and be sure to keep in mind which parts of the yard get a lot of sun and which parts stay primarily shady.

Flower beds can accent the house and the yard, and many people think of flower beds when they think of yard landscaping. When planting a flower bed, pay attention to where the sun hits the yard and for how many hours per day. This may help determine which flowers or plants will thrive in those areas. Plant tall plants toward the back of the flower bed, shorter plants toward the front, and medium-sized plants in the middle. Be sure to pay attention to how much sun and water each type of plant needs, and try to group different plants together according to their sun and water needs.


Try to avoid over-planting or over-decorating the yard. Too much yard landscaping can make the space look cluttered and smaller than it actually is. Isolating gardens and flower beds with stone walls or borders is a great way to make the space look neater and more spacious, but don't overdo it: too much hardscaping can make the yard look overly manicured and artificial. Try to blend natural surroundings with subtle accents that will enhance the beauty of the yard.

Installing sprinkler systems can help maintain constant water control without excess water consumption. These systems are often fairly simple to install, but they can take some time. While installing such sprinkler systems, one might consider installing a fountain or waterfall as well. These features can add a lively feel to yard landscaping and also add pleasant acoustics to the area. Try to choose water features that recycle water to avoid using excess water in your landscaping plans. Keep in mind that bigger is not always necessarily better; subtle features can accent natural beauty already present in the yard.



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