What Are the Best Tips for Writing an Information Technology Essay?

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A well-written information technology essay should cover an interesting and thought-provoking topic, present a definite thesis statement on the subject matter, demonstrate clear understanding of each technical concept, and instruct the reader in clear language. Writing about an area of information technology can be somewhat different from writing about other subject areas such as literature. A thorough understanding of technology is an important aspect of completing a higher education degree, regardless of the specific major each student may be completing. Essay writing assignments covering various information applications are commonplace in composition classes as ways for student writers to demonstrate this kind of knowledge.

Some of the same writing tips for non-technical papers can also apply to formulating an information technology essay. The pre-writing process is especially important for selecting an appropriate technology topic that is compelling enough to stand out from the rest and keep the reader's interest. One of the main purposes for this type of writing is to inform the reader about a certain area of technology that is particularly relevant to modern life. Before moving on to writing the actual prose, it is a good idea to narrow down the possible topic choices with a pre-writing technique such as clustering or mind mapping.


Since an information technology essay can contain a good number of acronyms and technical terms, an additional important part of the writing process is to document each of these terms in words that are easy to understand. Some composition students choose to make a list consisting of each acronym written out and paired with its definition. This list is not only a convenient reference tool; creating it also increases the level of background knowledge needed to write a cohesive paper. Another writing tip is to word each technical explanation with a mostly non-technical audience in mind.

While the typical information technology essay is intended to illustrate practical applications, it is usually not meant to endorse a product or discredit the use of a certain type of hardware or software. A neutral tone is generally preferred when writing these types of school papers. An information technology essay can instead describe where a type of technology can possibly be used or how it can impact another area such as communication or business. It also does not need to be written only about the Internet or computers; other potential essay topics can include health technology, robotics, or artificial intelligence.



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