What are the Best Tips for Work Etiquette?

Work etiquette is a series of rules designed to help co-workers interact with each other in the best possible way. While many people have a second-sense as to what is considered good work etiquette, others may need tips that direct them in ways that ensure they are using good etiquette toward their employers and co-workers. Tips may include being more professional and considerate when answering the phone and e-mailing, both for work-related issues and personal issues. Other tips, such as awareness of strong odors, may help people deal with their co-workers in confined spaces or common areas, such as a work kitchen or lunch room.

Despite how routine it may seem, there are work etiquette tips that can be used when using the telephone for work-related issues. For example, it is best to answer the phone by the third ring. In addition, smiling before answering the telephone may make one’s voice seem more business-like and friendlier. It is best not to read emails or work on other projects when on the telephone for work-related business. Also, chewing gum, eating food, or drinking should be avoided while taking a work-related phone call.


If the telephone rings at work and it is a personal call, work etiquette tips may be applicable as well. For example, the conversation should not make other co-workers, who can likely overhear the conversation, uncomfortable. Medical conditions and personal issues, such as marital disputes and unruly children, should be discussed in private. In addition, the volume of these conversations should be monitored so other co-workers are not disturbed.

Many workplaces use email as a primary form of communication. There are some great work etiquette tips that may be used for work-related emails. These tips may vary slightly, depending on the type of business, but there are some general pointers that may be useful in most businesses. For example, the subject line should be descriptive. Using all capital letters should be avoided in the text or the subject line of the email. In addition, exclamation points or question marks should be used sparingly.

One of the main issues that frustrates people in a workplace, such as an office, are strong odors. These odors may come from food, perfume, cologne, or lotion. What smells wonderful to one co-worker may smell terrible to another. As a result, one of the easiest and most constructive tips is to avoid using products such as strong perfume or eating food such as tuna that have strong odors in the workplace.

Another point of contention in many work places is centered around the use of common areas, such as kitchens, conference rooms, or lunch rooms. A work etiquette tip that will keep most co-workers and employers happy is that the areas should be cleaned after they are used. Not many people want to sit at a table with food morsels and creamy smears on it from the previous person.

Using the workplace bathroom also has a few tips for work etiquette that may be helpful to many employees. For example, it is best not to bring reading material, cell phones, or other items into the bathroom. In addition, even the automatic flushing toilets can be faulty. As a result, check to make sure the toilet flushes before exiting the stall. Finally, a tip that everyone can appreciate is to wash hands to prevent the spread of illness and disease to other co-workers.



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