What Are the Best Tips for Weight Loss Self-Help?

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Many structured programs are available for people to join to lose weight in a community or group setting. For those who want to lose weight on their own, there are a number of DVDs, books and websites to choose from that offer information for weight loss self-help. Some of best weight loss self-help tips include figuring out ways to stay motivated, keeping track of progress to stay accountable, and including rewards for success. Setting realistic goals and making a commitment to weight loss are also important when trying to lose weight without professional help.

Someone who wants to lose weight without joining a group or seeking professional advice can still achieve the desired weight loss. Effective self-help can be anything from a simple positive affirmation each day or restatement of goals to a structured program found in a book or online. Self-help books about how to lose weight and keep it off may offer such things as specific self-help programs or simple tips and tricks. Using a book written by a health and weight loss expert can help in a weight loss self-help program by offering educated information and practical behaviors to help people reach their goals.


Another good tip for weight loss self-help success is to find a self-help support group or weight loss forum online where other people who are also trying to lose weight gather to discuss issues and ideas. Each person may be following a completely different weight loss plan but may still be able to offer support on those days when doing it alone seems difficult. Many people prefer this type of approach to a structured program because the support can be sought out when needed. There are also generally no requirements to participate in this type of forum.

Weight loss self-help is similar to other types of self-help programs in many ways. Most people who practice self-help usually are trying to break a bad habit or way of thinking, build a new good habit, or do both at the same time. Techniques and strategies for breaking or building any kind of habit can apply very well to weight loss, as bad habits typically cause weight gain and good ones make losing weight easier. A weight loss self-help program should include activities designed to stop destructive behaviors such as overeating or skipping a workout, while rewarding good habits and behaviors to reinforce positive progress.

Most self-help programs for losing weight will need to touch on areas such as wise food choices, reasonable portion amounts, and a healthy number of meals each day as well as such issues as emotional eating when one is not really hungry. Exercise and physical activity should be addressed as well, to be sure the person who wants to lose weight is moving enough for good health and weight loss. Additionally keeping a record of progress, problems and general attitude can help a person identify issues when he's having trouble staying on the plan as well as provide a great source of motivation by showing steady progress.



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