What Are the Best Tips for Washing Dry Skin?

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When washing dry skin, a person will likely benefit from using products that moisturize while cleaning. Anything that removes natural oils from the skin or contains harsh chemicals is likely to prove a poor choice. The steps taken after washing dry skin matter as well; usually, patting the skin dry and using a moisturizer helps to keep this type of skin in good condition. An individual may also avoid washing the skin too frequently or bathing in hot water when he is dealing with this skin type.

The main rule for washing dry skin is avoiding products that make it worse. For example, if a person has both dry skin and pimples, he may be tempted to buy a product that is designed to dry the pimples when he washes the affected area. In most cases, however, this is a poor choice. Such a product will most likely make dry skin even worse. Furthermore, it may strip needed oils from his skin and contribute to the development of pimples.

In most cases, a moisturizing cleanser makes a good choice for washing dry skin. Such skin cleansers are designed to clean the skin without removing the natural oils from it. They also provide a moisturizing effect that helps keep the skin from becoming even more dry after use. Often, people find that creamy cleansers or those that have a consistency like lotion are a good option for dealing with dry skin.


Once a person has washed, it may be best to dry his skin carefully. Most skin care experts recommend patting skin dry instead of rubbing it with a towel or another type of cloth. A person risks rubbing away natural oils from his skin when he rubs it dry. Additionally, it is helpful to keep in mind that it is not necessary to dry the skin 100 percent. Instead, an individual may find it helpful to leave the skin slightly damp and allow it to air dry on its own.

Moisturizing dry skin is just as important as washing, and experts often recommend moisturizing while the skin is still damp. Many people find that moisturizers made out of natural products are good options. For example, a moisturizer that includes such ingredients as cocoa butter, aloe vera, or olive oil may be a good choice. If an individual has dry skin in some areas and oily in others, he may need a moisturizer that is intended for use on combination skin.

A person may also consider how often he washes his skin when he is dealing with dryness. Washing dry skin too frequently may actually make matters worse. Likewise, a person may do well to consider the temperature of the water in which he washes. Warm water is usually a better choice than hot water, which may contribute to dry skin problems.



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