What are the Best Tips for Using Crutches?

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The best tips for using crutches typically include making sure that crutches fit properly before use, practicing crutch safety, and learning how to use crutches properly for walking. People who have a difficult time using crutches even though they have attempted to learn to use them correctly may be trying to use crutches that do not fit properly. Many people also have the idea that using crutches is easy and do not attempt to practice with them or take safety precautions before they use them. Even though crutches are generally very useful as walking aids for people who have suffered leg and foot injuries, they can also be the cause of further accidents if care is not taken when they are used.

Ensuring that crutches are a proper fit before use is vital for a successful experience with crutches. When crutches are a good fit, the tops will be just below the armpits rather than touching the armpits. It is also important that a person's hands can rest comfortably on the hand grips without having to stretch the arms too far downward or bend them upward to reach the grips. Crutches are available in a variety of different sizes, so it is normally possible for people of almost any size to find the perfect set.


People who are using crutches should probably make an effort to clear paths throughout their living environments to make it easier for them to get around inside their homes. It can be incredibly dangerous to use crutches when things are cluttering up the floor. It is possible to use crutches when going up and down stairs, but it would probably make more sense for a person on crutches to bring most of what he needs to just one level of his home so he doesn't have to make too many trips up and down the stairs every day.

Another important tip for using crutches involves learning how to use them correctly. People often use crutches incorrectly, and this can lead to accidents. When walking with crutches, it is important to practice proper weight shifting from the crutches to the uninjured leg. Many people also make the mistake of putting the tips of their crutches too far ahead of their feet, which means they have to try to cover more distance than what is considered safe when transferring their weight back and forth. Crutches should be used with caution during the first few days after an injury because it may take that long before a person can feel truly confident on them.



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