What are the Best Tips for Using an ATM?

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One of the best tips for using an ATM is to always take precautions to ensure safety. A person should also try to ensure her privacy when using an ATM. Lastly, a person should try to avoid as many unnecessary ATM fees as possible.

Using an ATM can be risky because it is an indication that cash is being handled. For security purposes, it is best to choose the safest location as possible. To determine whether the location is safe, a person should assess the lighting if it is nighttime and use a machine only if the immediate area is well lit. The machine should also be located in the view and shouting distance of passers-by. When there is a choice, using an ATM that is inside is better than one that is outside, and an outside machine that can be accessed from a car is better than one that must be accessed on foot.

When using an ATM, it is a good practice to keep the transaction as private as possible. Everyone should realize the importance of keeping their personal identification numbers (PINs) confidential. Furthermore, people should try to prevent others from seeing the amounts they are depositing or withdrawing. This means that after a transaction is completed, if there is a receipt, it should not be left in the machine or carelessly tossed aside.


People who use the ATM regularly should try to avoid developing a routine. A waitress, for example, may get off at 10 pm every day and go directly to the ATM to deposit her money. For security reasons, she should vary the times she uses the ATM and, if possible, she should try not to use the same one all of the time.

When a person has difficulty while using an ATM, it can be tempting to ask for assistance from strangers who appear nice or harmless. Sometimes if a person realizes that another is having difficulty, he may offer to assist without being asked. In either case, getting help from strangers is a poor choice that could have safety and financial consequences. When a person has difficulty with the machine, it is best not to let anyone know and to cancel the transaction if necessary.

For financial reasons, a person should consider the ATM fees. Even if it is less convenient, a person should try to use an ATM from her own bank instead of using one where she will incur unnecessary charges. When it is not possible for a person to use an ATM from her own bank, she should try to withdraw all the funds she needs so she does not have to pay fees on multiple occasions.



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