What are the Best Tips for Treating Lupus Patients?

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The best tip for treating lupus patients is for a physician who specializes in the disease to form a trusting relationship with the patient. A lupus specialist such as a rheumatologist will generally be required, as this will be a disease that will require long-term care. Another tip for lupus patients would be to join a lupus support group, where patients can form bonds with others who have the condition. Caring for lupus patients may also require modification of diet to ensure proper nutrition. Proper rest and exercise is also important.

Lupus patients often suffer from fatigue and occasional anemia, so a doctor may recommend supplementing one's diet with vitamins and minerals. Natural energy or protein drinks may be beneficial as well. Incorporating foods that are rich in iron, such as liver or eggs, may also be a constructive measure. Ensuring the body is well hydrated by drinking plenty of water is important.

In cases of severe pain, the patient's physician may prescribe pain-relieving drugs. Sometimes symptoms such as swelling and inflammation can be relieved by taking medication or consuming certain foods. Fruits such as dark cherries and blueberries have been known to have anti-inflammatory properties. These fruits are rich in antioxidants are are a healthy choice for lupus patients and everyone in general.


Arthritic conditions and joint pain are a common condition with lupus, therefore daily exercise may help mobility and stiffness. This should always be done under the supervision and advice of a medical professional. Even daily walks can be beneficial for lupus patients, as can other moderate exercise. Following a doctor's guidance, the patient may wish to try ice or heat treatments to help control symptoms as well.

Some lupus patients may benefit from physical therapy. A doctor may prescribe this course of treatment if he believes it will be beneficial. The physical therapist will incorporate exercises to improve range of motion and flexibility to joints. In addition, a massage therapist may use techniques to improve circulation to the muscles. The lupus patient may also work with certain exercise equipment as well.

If the lupus patient is troubled by skin rashes, there are creams that can help minimize and relieve symptoms. Many of these corticosteroid ointments will require a doctor's prescription, however. In cases of sensitivity to ultraviolet light, the best advice for lupus patients would be to stay out of direct sunlight as much as possible. When going outside on a sunny day, the patient should use protection such as long-sleeved clothing, a hat, and adequate sunscreen.



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