What Are the Best Tips for Throwing an Asian-Themed Party?

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When throwing an Asian-themed party, do your research on your chosen country in Asia to get ideas for food, favors, decorations and activities. Within these different possibilities are options that range from the exotic colors and textures of South Asia to the delicate pastels and cherry blossoms of Japan. Consider the occasion of your party and the overall mood you hope to create.

An important tip is to keep your Asian-themed party simple. Trying to create sushi rolls yourself for an event with a Japanese theme or paint Mandarin or Cantonese characters on banners, napkins and other accessories yourself for a party with Chinese touches may be more work than you expect. Taking time to look for premade items that fit in with your budget can save you a lot of time as well as frustration in trying to achieve an authentic presentation.

Remember also to think creatively, as this can make your party unique as well as fun. For instance, you could buy Asian newspapers in a language of the particular country you've chosen. Spray-gluing sheets of the paper onto thin cardboard is an easy way to make placemats for an Asian-themed party and you may find other fun uses for the newspaper as well, such as to add it to your invitations or for your guests to create their own party hats.


Plan your party menu carefully by choosing foods that are likely to have a wide appeal. Not everyone enjoys eating spicy or completely unfamiliar food. Having some vegetable and cheese platters or trays of sandwiches mixed in with the authentic Asian fare of your chosen country or region can allow party guests to try new foods, but also have some old favorites to fall back on. As a general rule, choose noodle and other dishes that are savory rather than spicy, as more guests are likely to enjoy them. Chopsticks are fun and a must-have for an Asian-themed party, but you should also offer a container of forks, perhaps in a jar covered with Asian printed paper, as well.

If you don't have a lot of Asian dishware, you may want to consider renting what you need from a party supply outlet. Rather than balloons, consider large round paper lanterns to hang around the party room. These are typically quite inexpensive and can add a great deal of Asian style to any occasion. Depending on the occasion and country you've chosen for your Asian-themed party, you may want to use only white paper lanterns or choose them in vivid colors instead. When buying favors for the party consider the region's good luck charm such as by choosing small carved elephants to place at each table setting.



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