What Are the Best Tips for the Sales Management Process?

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The sales management process entails the steps that customers go through from the time they receive information on a business until they buy what the company is selling. The sales management process even extends to post-purchase follow-up procedures that the company or sales person takes. Managing the process is about making it as streamlined and mutually beneficial as possible. In order to do this, you can use some of the best tips for the sales management process, which is awareness, objectivity, cutting and adding steps and reviewing the process in a comprehensive manner.

In order to fully understand the sales management process, it is typically best to sketch it out in writing. Workflow and sales process management software are other options for helping companies map out the sales process. Whether the process is sketched out on paper or using a software program, it simultaneously provides everyone involved in evaluating the process a big-picture and detailed view.

Managing the sales process also requires objectivity. When managers and employees review their own sales process, they may view it from the perspective of the business rather than the consumer or customer that has to go through the process. This creates a one-sided view of the process and is not a fair evaluation of it. It may be that it is working perfectly and does not really need adjustment. The only way to truly evaluate this is to be objective in the evaluation.


After mapping out the process and evaluating it, sales managers and sales representatives can determine how to improve the sales management process. Find ways for improvement by adding, deleting or modifying steps.

For example, a company sends a marketing piece to prospective customers that includes a reply card the customer can complete and return. When the reply card is received, it is logged into the business computer system and the lead is assigned to a sales representative. After evaluating the process, it may be determined that adding a website address that takes the recipient directly to an online request form may shorten the sales process.

After modifying the sales management process details, it should be comprehensively reviewed again to note how effective the changes were. More than one person should be involved in evaluating and handling the sales management process as well. From marketing to follow-up activities, an employee from each area of the company should be involved in this process.



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