What Are the Best Tips for Teaching Students with a Learning Disability?

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Individuals who teach students with learning disabilities may benefit from a range of tips intended to help them become more useful and efficient. Among these tips are those that recommend seeking training specific to learning disabilities and maintaining patience. Some tips also recommend using visual aids for students who do not process information as well via listening or reading. Additionally, incorporating technology into lessons, including devices that play audio books, may prove beneficial.

One of the best tips for teaching students with a learning disability is to get some reliable training. People with learning disabilities don't usually lack intelligence but learn best when teaching techniques are tailored to their unique needs and abilities. They may also benefit from a good deal of learning support and the introduction of self-study techniques they can use. To provide the most effective education, a person may do well to seek training from experts in helping people with learning disabilities. This can include classes, either online or via a traditional school; workshops; and seminars intended to help teachers understand learning disabilities and become effective at helping their students learn despite them.


Another tip for teaching students with a learning disability is to have plenty of patience. People with learning disabilities often feel frustrated with the problems they have with learning, and that frustration can further interfere with their ability to learn. If a teacher becomes frustrated as well, learning may become even more difficult for the student. In fact, he may want to give up or suffer from self-esteem issues if a teacher shows his frustration or berates him. As such, it is critical that a teacher maintain his patience and keep the student's learning disability in mind at all times.

Often, tips that involve the use of visual aids are among the best for teaching students with a learning disability. In many cases, a person with a learning disability finds reading and listening to lectures difficult. As such, a teacher can use graphics to supplement lessons. Diagrams, charts, graphs, photographs, and even cartoon-like concept representations may prove helpful. In fact, some students may benefit from the use of video in education.

Some of the best tips for teaching students with a learning disability is to incorporate technology. For example, using audio players to allow a child to listen to books may encourage his interest in reading materials and make learning from books less of a challenge. A student who struggles with writing may also benefit from the use of programs that take his speech and translate it into writing.



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