What Are the Best Tips for Teaching High School?

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Among the best tips a teacher may find beneficial for teaching high school are those that recommend maintaining a sense of humor and patience in the classroom. A teacher can also benefit from tips that recommend using technology to teach high school students. Additionally, a teacher might apply tips that involve using multiple teaching approaches to intellectually stimulate his students.

One of the best tips for teaching high school involves honing one's sense of humor and keeping it in good shape. A good sense of humor can help a teacher maintain a pleasant atmosphere for learning and help him work through tough or frustrating times as a teacher. Additionally, students may feel they can relate better to a teacher when he demonstrates that he has a sense of humor. When teachers hide this, it sometimes makes them seem less than human to their students.

Some of the best tips for teaching high school also involve having patience. Teaching high school is a challenge, and some days are likely to prove better than others. As a high school teacher, an individual will have to teach students with dramatically different personalities and interests. He may also have students who are at various levels of academic understanding, which can make teaching tough at times. As such, having patience may make his classroom experience more pleasant and allow his students to feel comfortable in the learning environment.


Often, some of the best tips for teaching high school are those that recommend incorporating technology into one's teaching plans. As students leave high school and go to college or begin careers, they will need to know how to use various types of technology. A teacher can help them prepare by incorporating computers, software, and various other types of technology into his high school classroom. Additionally, some types of technology may make the teacher's job easier. For example, digital blackboards might make it easier for him to share interactive lessons and assignments with his students.

A high school teacher may also benefit from tips that involve keeping things interesting in the classroom. Though high school students are approaching adulthood, they may still become bored with monotonous lessons. Unfortunately, a bored student may prove less likely to retain the information the teacher shares with him. To help students learn well and retain more information, a teacher may best take a combination approach to teaching. This could involve lectures, group discussions, debates, research, and hands-on projects. Video lessons, interactive lessons, and field trips are also beneficial for this age group.



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