What Are the Best Tips for Teaching Grade School?

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Teaching grade school requires a different approach than teaching older students, where lecturing and note-taking can be effective methods of sharing information and learning. Younger elementary age students need to be more involved in the teaching process, so teachers will generally need to develop different activities and methods to be used throughout the day in order to keep students interested and engaged. One of the best tips for teaching grade school is to get students involved in the classroom and ensure they are participating; assigning classroom jobs and randomly calling on students to answer questions can be one way to do this.

It is important to remember that younger students have relatively brief attention spans when teaching grade school. This can be either a source of frustration, or an opportunity to make the day more interesting for everyone involved. Keeping lessons on different subjects short and focused can help students to remember the material, and can also help to make the day go by more rapidly. Rather than simply standing up in front of the room and talking, or passing out worksheets for students to complete, make learning an activity such as by encouraging students to create something or participate in a game.


Mixing up the teaching methods used when teaching grade school can also help to ensure that students who learn differently are benefiting. Some students can read something and learn it, while others are more hands-on or visual learners. Some learn better independently, while others excel in groups. Making the classroom colorful and full of informational posters and materials can also be helpful. Giving students the privilege of down time, such as for good behavior, and incorporating some level of choice can be beneficial as well. Students may have the option of reading something for pleasure during down time, for example.

Another one of the best tips for teaching grade school is to get students involved and concerned about the classroom. Assigning classroom jobs to different students each week can ensure that everyone participates and gets involved. Some teachers simply pick names out of a hat to see who will complete a certain task each day; others will offer rewards for jobs well done, or for students who always have stellar attendance. Different methods of learning, participation in classroom activities, and keeping short attention spans in mind are some of the most important things to remember when teaching grade school, though asking other teachers for advice, or searching for tips online can also help inspire some creative ideas.



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