What Are the Best Tips for Tanning with Fair Skin?

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Tanning with fair skin is not impossible, although one must be very careful when doing so in order to avoid potentially serious skin problems. Tanning with fair skin tends to lead to sunburn quite quickly. Even mild sunburn can cause serious damage to the skin, especially over time. It is better to seek a healthy glow rather than a deep tan, the latter of which can damage all skin types. Tanning slowly, a little bit at a time, is a better option than overexposing the skin to the sun.

For tanning with fair skin, it is better to tan in the morning or even in the late afternoon rather than during the hottest part of the day. It is important to use sunblock or sunscreen to help filter out some of the sun’s most harmful rays. It will take longer to develop a suntan when employing these methods, but it is somewhat safer to do so.

It is a good idea to use a waterproof formula of sun protection for tanning with fair skin. Some formulas are made to resist perspiration while playing in the hot sun, others are made especially for use in the water, and some are labeled as being beneficial in both situations. Water can act like a reflector so one should keep in mind that quickly developing sunburn is more likely while in or around water. This is especially dangerous for those with fair skin.


It is a good idea to reapply the sunblock on a regular basis. Put on sunscreen before going out into the sun. It is best to do so before putting on a swimsuit or a bathing suit cover-up, to make sure all areas of the skin that may be touched by the sun are well-protected.

Tanning with fair skin requires extra care, including making sure there is a shaded area nearby or another area in which skin can be protected from the sun, such as a place to go indoors. Go to that area every so often to give skin a break from the sun. A good piece of advice for tanning with fair skin is to check often to make sure sunburn is not developing, as it can happen quickly.

Self-tanning lotions are said to be the safest option. Many include a moisturizer. A sexy glow is still obtainable, but without the dangers of baking one’s skin in the sun.



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