What Are the Best Tips for Strengthening Hair?

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Strengthening hair tends to require a system of conducive habits. For example, a person needs to clean her hair thoroughly and avoid over-processing it. She needs to alter her hair care strategy to address her lifestyle choices and weather changes. Styles that encourage damage or stress of the hair should be not be worn on a regular basis. An individual concerned with strengthening hair must also make sure that she is consuming a healthy diet and may want to consider head massages.

A lot of people rely on chemical processing to transform their hair into a state that is either more manageable or more desirable to them. Individuals should realize that these processes are often harsh and rob the hair of nutrients. Anyone who wants strong hair needs to avoid over-processing. This means that processes should be repeated only after the recommended waiting period has lapsed and individuals should avoid having two or more different chemical processes conducted within a short span of time.

Whether hair is chemically processed or natural, it will need to be taken care of if it is to be strong and healthy. Proper care involves thoroughly washing the hair with a shampoo that will strip away impurities. It also involves using a good conditioner that contains ingredients such as B vitamins that will reinforce the hair. Additionally, between washings individuals should continue to nourish their hair with leave-in conditioners, serums, and heat protection products.


Practices that are known to damage or stress the hair should be avoided or limited. This means that sometimes individuals should seek alternatives to many of the popular styling options, such as up-dos that require tightly placed hair pins, styles requiring a lot of heat, and those involving tight braids. An individual should avoid regularly subjecting her hair to chlorine or saltwater because both of these are believed to take a serious toll on the hair's strength over time. Hair care treatments also need to be modified to address extreme weather conditions, such as prolonged sun exposure and cold temperatures.

It is important to remember that diet plays a role in strengthening hair. Individuals wanting strong, healthy hair should have a protein-rich diet, which may include items such as beef, tuna, and peanuts. Foods that contain biotin, such as Swiss chard, strawberries, and halibut, are believed to help prevent brittleness. Individuals who are trying to lose weight should also note that low carbohydrate consumption has been connected to problems with hair thinning.

Another easy and inexpensive means of strengthening hair is to get head massages. Though this may sound like a measure that is undertaken for pleasure, it is actually believed to increase the blood circulation in the scalp. By doing this, more oxygen and nutrients are supplied to the hair follicles, and harmful elements, such as toxins, are more readily eliminated. As a result, a person can generally expect longer and stronger hair.



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