What Are the Best Tips for Small Business Communication?

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Business communication refers to the process by which communication flows both within an organization and with the outside. Communication from within refers to the type of communication that occurs between the management of the company and the employees, while interaction with people external to the company includes consumers, business partners and suppliers. Small businesses vary in size from one owner and a few employees to two or three owners and a handful of employees. Whatever the composition, the same considerations apply in small business communication. For example, an open channel of communication between the owner of the business and the employees, a clear understanding between the business and the suppliers, and an effective communication with customers.


One of the numerous small business communication tips is the establishment of an open portal for communication between the business owner or manager and the employees. Such a process includes the cultivation of a habit of listening to what the employees have to say about their jobs in particular and the business in general. The business manager must not make communication a one-way street where command flows to the employees without allowing them any input. An autocratic method of leadership does not inspire loyalty and might instead foster resentment among the employees who might feel that they do not matter to the business. This could lead to a reduction in productivity in the business, because the employees might not be motivated to do more than they absolutely have to do.

Small business communication also entails an effort to maintain a cordial relationship between suppliers and distributors through good communication. The process of communicating with such people entails the application of unambiguous language that clearly states the expectations from both sides in an effort to minimize any sources of friction. It also means that ethical standards must be adhered during these interactions in order to maintain a good business relationship that is not sullied by accusations of any sharp practice.

Another area of small business communication is the manner in which both the business owner or manager and the employees interact with customers. The business owner must establish ethical standards for the treatment of customers as well as set the standard for the expected level of customer relations. This part of small business communication is very important, because the consumers and customers are the lifeblood of any business. Where the customers are not satisfied with either the product or quality of service offered by a business, they will simply take their business to a place that offers the qualities they want.



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